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A Little AmyAmy is a Powerful Thing

tammik. 25., 2007

03:41 pm


tammik. 18., 2007

10:00 pm - Gummy bears

I guess I broke my non-posting streak...maybe I'll try again real soon.

I'm writing to document this night because I was challenged by Zach to eat a barrel of gummy bears that was in his room. Of course, I accepted. Gummy bears make me feel...bad.

I move in to school for the first time no Sunday! I'm really excited! I talked to my roommate on facebook and on the phone and she seems really nice. I also live in Denton...which is right across from CSPAC, which should be pretty convienent. Its not too far of a walk from things, but its not incredibly close either. Good thing I love to walk : )

Dwight came back!

Good luck on your new semester everyone!

syysk. 1., 2006

12:45 pm

I love college. : )

elok. 14., 2006

12:13 pm

Erica, this update is for you to tell you HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME THAT OKgo VIDEO IS!!!! OKgo IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE GROUPS!! Remember we listened to that song in my car by them that had 'vicious' in it????

elok. 2., 2006

12:18 am

Um...ya, I'll give you one guess as to who wrote the previous entry. Not me, thats right : )

But anyway, thanks everyone for a great birthday!!

elok. 1., 2006

10:49 pm

HHHEEEEYY! It's my birthday! I'm 18 now and can do ANYTHING I freakin want! Like stroke my face and grab Chloe's nose.

And now: what is happening in my room right now.Collapse )

And that was my birthday.

heinäk. 16., 2006

11:48 pm

Your Daddy Is Darth Vader

What You Call Him: Daddy-o

Why You Love Him: He's the Mack Daddy

Who's Your Daddy?

Edit: OH MY GOSH I FORGOT THAT WAS THERE. I didn't post that for the record.

heinäk. 12., 2006

11:50 pm

I love Mr. Cave and Miss Gipe. Please pray for her and send her a lot of nice things that will make her happy. I love her so much.

I hope this serves as a lesson, NEVER EVER drink (which is horrible by iself) and drive. It really just isn't fair.

heinäk. 10., 2006

09:51 pm



kesäk. 27., 2006

12:28 am

Correction in pig23913's latest journal entry:

PacificCstOasis (12:21:59 AM): come on nappy, you can tell amy what you are feeling
PIG 2391 (12:22:13 AM): when did you start referring to yourself in the third person?
PacificCstOasis (12:22:37 AM): at 12:21:59 am
PIG 2391 (12:22:57 AM): it was actually 12:22:01
PIG 2391 (12:22:58 AM): but close
PacificCstOasis (12:23:12 AM): well, your timestamp is just incorrect, thats all

incorrect, indeed.

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